With over 15 years as a resident of the Bow Valley, Ian knows the properties, neighborhoods & people intimately. Ian’s specialty is helping buyers & sellers with the inside knowledge of the local market so you can receive the best information and negotiate favorable terms as a result!

Ian has a back ground in Physics while also being a very personable and caring individual. One of Ian’s other passions is mountain bike & cross country skiing where he competed internationally. He takes the same work ethic, passion & attention to detail he developed in the scientific & sporting worlds and applies it to your successful real estate sale.

Whether you’re buying or selling (or both), your success hinges upon the expert advice and services provided by your real estate agent. This web page is filled with tips and resources to help you quickly understand what you need to know — and how  services will be designed to meet your needs.

Ian’s passion is to see you satisfied for years to come.

Please reach out for a no obligation conversation.

Thank you for checking in!

God Bless!

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Latest News

Are You Ready to Buy Up?

No matter how much you love your current home, you may still be dreaming of the day you can buy up into a better home in a better neighborhood. Is that day today or a few years down the road? Here’s a quick way to make that assessment. First, make a list of ...

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Fresh Air Sells

Household smells in our own homes can be a problem because we get accustomed to them. However, it takes just a few seconds in a stranger’s home, to know if a smoker lives there. The smell is in the air! So, when you put your home on the market, think about ...

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Inspect Your Walls Before You Sell

Say you’re trying to sell a used car. Imagine that it’s a desirable make and model, the mileage is low, and, overall, it’s in great condition…except, that is, for the body. Unfortunately, there are a few areas where the paint is scratched, and there are a couple of dents and rust ...

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Three Lists to Make When Selling Your Home

When you put your property up for sale, you want to make sure that potential buyers get all the information they need on the features of your home and its surrounding area. If, for example, buyers don’t realize there is a great school just a couple of blocks away, they ...

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